• Case Study: The Shining

    We can copy incredibly fast in 3D/UE4 any photograph or concept art that you can imagine. Then we are ready to shoot in real time with that CGI set at 4K film quality, while keeping all assets (if needed) for tweaking in post production (mattes separated, alpha channels etc etc). We supply Octane Render projects in native format so that they can easily be integrated into existing CGI facilities, with Hollywood quality results.

    • Allows prep from home (director/art director make suggestions and then tweaks, from home)
    • Dramatically reduces art department labour
    • Dramatically reduces art department physical budget
    • Dramatically reduces construction time and budget
    • Dramatically reduces set decoration budget
    • Dramatically reduces purchase budget and purchase time frame
    • Eradicates Location scouting
    • Eradicates Location labour
    • Eradicates Unit moves
    • Dramatically reduces unit size and cost
    • Dramatically reduces VFX time
    • Dramatically reduces delivery time


    And importantly in today’s tricky times - we can preflight, work in large open spaces (big airy sound-stages), keep at least 6 foot between crew members, use a much smaller crew base and keep crew almost completely separate from talent, at all times.


    Black Hangar Studios, Lasham Airfield, Alton, GU34 5SR.