• Portable 3D Scanning Rigs

    150 cameras with one capture!

    We operate the highest resolution portable full-body scanners in the world. 150 cameras with one capture computer, connected via USB3 and fiber optic cable, for every ten cameras. This, together with our bespoke rig control software, enables a capture rate of 5 shots per second on 36 megapixel RAW.


    The speed of rendering is as important to our clients as it is to us. Our custom built render stations can produce normal detail full body scans at a rate of one every ten minutes, per station, or one every one and a half hours at high detail.


    • One capture computer for every ten cameras
    • Capture rate of five shots per second for up to 15 shots, on RAW
    • Full body scan of 17 million polys, decimated from 145 million. 12k texture
    • Retopology service available for individual assets or batches
    • Fast turnaround time for rendered assets
    • Internationally portable







    Black Hangar Studios, Lasham Airfield, Alton, GU34 5SR.